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 ICON vs Corporation, Tactics and Picks

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PostSubject: ICON vs Corporation, Tactics and Picks   Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:27 pm

Hi guys, so he wildcard match against The Hart Foundation did not go our way, we only lost 3-2, so we were very unlucky, but it's still a loss.  It's not over yet, which is why I would like to take the opportunity to break down our next opponents, The Corporation.

They will have 3 picks to our two so we need to decide the matchups we want, and the ones we should avoid.  Here is my opinion:

Matchups we want:

Hoogeveld vs Anti Hero:

Ed, you can do well in the clinch and takedown department here, and we could have ourselves a decision or TKO win, a favourable stylistic matchup.  

James Harding vs Alex Sims:

Bronko, Harding has a questionable chin, but it's hard to know for sure at this point, as he was taken down and pounded out by a good grappler.  Let's give him someone he can stand up with, and probably beat up in the clinch to balance out his record.  

Bjorn Knutson vs Wulfsige Eduard:

Philosopher, Eduard is a one dimensional wrestler, and your guys seems to have good submissions, as well as stand up, so this is a good one for us.  

Sanjit Babatunde vs Eric Wiesen:

Wiesen is the fighter of Bob Vendarra, possibly their best manager atm, but his guy is a stand up fighter without any grappling ability, my guy is a straight up Takedown and GNP.  I like this matchup stylistically for my guy more than anyone else's

ThreehundredK Steel Penn vs Rafael Vaz:

Steel Penn, your guy is well rounded, without being outstanding in any one area, so I think a guy who is similar is appropriate.  You should be able to get slightly the better of the clinch here because of the wrestling primary.

If anyone has any other ideas, comment on here or in the chat.
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PostSubject: Re: ICON vs Corporation, Tactics and Picks   Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:58 am

They are all good matchups Chael . I hade made a list myself with some alternative matchups.
Harding vs Vaz
With Harding being ko'D last fight I would like to match him with someone that doesn't have so much KO power and Vaz doesn't seem to have that. A stand up fight were I think Harding should go for a KO.

Hoogevelt Vs Hero
same pick as you Chael. With pretty much the same motivation.

Threehundredk Vs Sims or eduard
Sims and eduard both won via first round ko and Steel your guy has a good chin and could take a few punches from either of them, take them down and win this on the ground.

Babatunde Vs Sims or eduard
Chael same motivation as Steels fighter. We could take away their KO power with your granite chin and and win this on the ground.

Knutsson vs Wiesen
selfish motivation. I want to KO him and I think I will Smile

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ICON vs Corporation, Tactics and Picks
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