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 Goals for 2017 (Let's help each other!)

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PostSubject: Goals for 2017 (Let's help each other!)   Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:40 am

Hey guys; it has come to my attention that the alliance is a little inactive as of late, and this worries me. Mainly because I believe the purpose of an alliance is to help each other out, which we are not doing that much of at the moment. I would love this to change so that we can all talk more and help each other achieve awesome things in this awesome game.

In the spirit of this; I want everybody who cares to post their in game goals for 2017 here, and this way the whole alliance can try to help each person to achieve them. Make sure the goals are ambitious but achievable; we do have some excellent guys in the alliance so most of us should be aiming high. I will start;

1. I would like to get into the top 50 managers on Tycoon; I failed to crack the top 100 this year but I am always learning and believe I am getting to grips with the game.

2. I want to get one fighter into the top 10 p4p at his weightclass, would be a hell of an achievement considering my young roster, but I feel I can do it.

3. I would like to continue to deliver world class write ups; generally people tend to enjoy them, so I want to keep them coming.

4. I would like to get my org into the top 15; being an ID org this is difficult; but I'm gonna give it a crack anyway.

5. I would like to run my annual Rumble On The Rocks tournament with 16 fighters in each division instead of 8. This will be a big step; but now that 300K is well under way, definitely doable.

6. Win a God damn title belt with one of my fighters! I had two title fights in 2016, and was screwed out of a couple more, but on both occasions the belt eluded me. I must fix this

These are my goals; what are yours? And how can we as ICON help each other to achieve them?
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PostSubject: Goals   Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:36 pm

Only got a few goals for this year .

1. Improve my manager record to a positive one . Currently 25 more losses. This is due to me creating fighters then fighting straight away. I need to be a little patient .

2. Not fight my 4 16 yr old fighters and just train

3. Win tgwc with my 16 yr old Dennis dillon

4. Take david dickinson into the top 100 p4p

5. Take my org to the top 10 . Could be hard as I'm running low on money so might have to sell soon .
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PostSubject: Re: Goals for 2017 (Let's help each other!)   Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:41 pm

Totally agree about the alliance needing to work together as there is no point otherwise, its great to see someone trying to do something about it so fair play mate

Underground Goals

1. Finally break into the top 10 and stay there
2. Hold our first PPV and run 1 a month
3. Make the move to 18000 seats full time
4. Dropping our ID restriction to help us attract higher level guys (260k started over a year ago so its about time)
5. Possibly take on more staff to ease the pressure on myself and Ninjas
6. Look into buying a smaller org merging them with Underground, i have been approached to sell Underground to merge with Syn and EVO plus others so there must be a huge benefit in it somewhere

Personal Goals

1. Release all my fighters below 300k as i abused most of them in Underground mismatches
2. Create a gang of 18 year old fighters as replacements
3. Hire coaches in private gyms to train them for 4-6 months before any debuts
4. Stop accepting every fight offer i get and actually take things seriously
5. Finally understand how i should be training my guys and also learning how to set my sliders
6. Continue to grow the network of trustworthy and friendly managers i have interacted with in the last 12 months, it makes it more enjoyable when we all look out for eachother
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Mr Peanut

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PostSubject: Re: Goals for 2017 (Let's help each other!)   Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:39 pm

1. Create a handful of real prospects to replace some older fighters that may be retired by the end of the year.
2. Beat my current highest ranking of 36.
3. I want to create a handful of fighter templates and purchase one or two jets to help streamline those processes. I feel like I've spent a silly amount of time on sliders and searching for connecting flights.
4. Fill out a 20 fighter roster with all fighters having a decent contract.
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PostSubject: Re: Goals for 2017 (Let's help each other!)   

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Goals for 2017 (Let's help each other!)
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